Did you know that you were chosen?

In this nation, there is a generation of people who have seem to have lost their way. And lack a sense of purpose. This generation is out of touch the values, morals, and convictions that build strong families and secure communities.

Each of us was created by God on purpose, for a great purpose. It is our responsibility to communicate with our Creator so that He may reveal to us our purposes in life. We were created by God to do that which is remarkable and exceptional in life. Each of our journeys and calling is unique. You were chosen by God for a specific purpose on the earth, and it is time for you to discover and understand that purpose.

This book is designed to catapult you into your specific purpose and help you to realize that every event that occurred in your life was really a part of God’s divine plan to position you for greatness. you were chosen for this!! Now get up and go!!

Chosen book

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