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About Apostle Yolanda C. Scott

Apostle Yolanda C. Scott is a powerful prophetic voice in the EARTH REALM
today, a Pastor’s Pastor and a trailblazer, Author, Pastor, and Powerful Woman of
God. Apostle Scott is a pillar of influence in the states of Georgia, Florida and


This book is one of the #1  exclusive book to expose Satan’s secrets.

This powerful book is about the origin of evil, why Satan is working against and deceiving mankind, and how he can be defeated. It’s an unusual book written from the perspective of a former believer in Satan and the occult who has come back to Christ through God’s Holy Spirit. PRE-ORDER TODAY!

You Get a Second Chance

Second Chance Financial Services is at your service to help you reach your financial objectives. We’re here to assist you in building a strong foundation for your future.

You have been Chosen

You Have To Have An Opening To Abundance

You have to have an opening to abundance. You have to have a place where you believe that you have the capacity to receive.


Kingdom Boss Chics are Coming Together!!!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Join us to be equipped to impact — a three-day event where successful women in business will equip you with tools, skills, and confidence to grow your platform, become a better leader and succeed in the marketplace.

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